You have no idea how RIGHT you are.

You have the most amazing idea for your new business. You’ve calculated everything, budgeted for investing in yourself and you’re absolutely sure it’s ​TIME FOR A WEBSITE​. So you put out feelers for a web developer, and ​ web designers​ send you tons of portfolios with lots of different prices

The problem is – the more you talk to web designers about all the things you want your site to do – the higher their prices start to go. Suddenly your great business idea starts to look like it’s drifting off into the horizon. 

You’ve heard horror stories of people hiring developers who’ve taken people for THOUSANDS of DOLLARS ​ and delivered nothing. You’ve also heard horror stories of people trying to build their own sites – only to end up calling WordPress the worst thing they’ve ever seen. Everyone tells you go WordPress because it’s so powerful. However the idea of overcoming the learning curve  simply scares you.

You KNOW YOU NEED A WORDPRESS SITE ​ but it just feels outside of your reach.

Does This Sound Like You?

What if someone told you – you could build your very own website, powered with WordPress and a ton of awesome features? What if someone told you not only that – but your site would look professional, allow you to run your business, and come with support in case you got stuck along the way? What if someone told you could do it for under two hundred dollars?

Would you laugh ?

Would you dismiss it as too good to be true?

Would you say TELL ME MORE!!


And honestly – it’s not nearly as difficult as you might think! We’ve developed an amazing system that allows YOU to customize a pre-configured coaching site template designed to do everything you need to launch your business. 

Now imagine if  you could have a  full-powered mobile-ready WordPress site  pre-configured to get you running in hours – not weeks or months.

Your site would have a booking system, pop ups , sliders, a shopping cart for your coaching packages, calendars, search, contact forms, and more ready for you to step in. Does that sound like a future you want?

Can you see yourself proudly sharing the URL to your website as you open for business

If your answer is YES – then this could be your site TOO!

Are you READY to turn your website DREAM into a REALITY?

We’re redefining “BUSINESS IN A BOX

Your website has to do more than just be an online business card. Your coaching website has to be a place where you can book discovery calls,  share your periscoping scheduletake payments for your packages, share your vision in blog posts, manage your membership community, sell your online courses, wow people with your opt ins, and ultimately give your target audience a window into who you are! You shouldn’t have to use 10 different services with 10 different monthly fees to get all that functionality for one website

Our templates and hosting (sold separately) include everything you need to get up and running. When you get a Coach Site – you are actually getting: 

  • A fully functional WordPress site
  • Included domain name
  • Branded email
  • The full power of Google Apps
  • Appointment booking system
  • Calendar
  • Pop Ups
  • Contact forms
  • Online course system
  • Unlimited pages
  • Live chat ready
  • Paypal and Stripe ready
  • Sliders
  • Shopping cart 
  • Social marketing ready site
  • Premium themes
  • SEO ready themes
  • Message boards / forums
  • ​Mobile responsive layouts
  • Tech Support (Yep you can ask for help)
  • We do all your updates
  • Hosting from only $39 a month
  • Upfront pricing with no hidden costs
  • A hassle-free way to get a WordPress site

This truly is  “DIY DONE RIGHT

Words are one thing – but seeing it is a whole other experience. Our sites are fully customizable – that means you can change fonts, content, images, colors, order of elements, plugins and so much more. Don’t just take our word for it. You can test-drive our CoachSites right here! 

Just click on any of the samples below to experience just how powerful these templates are.

Watch What Our Customers Have to Say

Don’t just take our word for it … these customers have had a chance to experience both custom development and our DIY Coach Site service. All of them have experienced our fanatical customer support in helping them get online.

We really believe in helping our customers be successful with their websites. Here’s even more feedback from customers who’ve experienced us.

Kat Okwera is a very efficient and professional web designer. She was delight to work with and I am pleased with her design for my author’s platform. She coordinated all the moving pieces in creating my web site with a very tight deadline.  As a new author ready to launch my first book, her organized approach from the beginning to end resulted in a beautiful web design that represented my energy and personality perfectly. I would highly recommend CoachSites services.

Laurie Winn – Transformational Author/Speaker – Love Beats

CoachSites provided an SEO audit for my Sleep Baby Love site – . It’s one thing to know what Google is, but it’s another thing to actually be found on it. Thanks to Kat and her amazing teaching skills, I went from SEO confused to SEO knowledgeable in no time. Kat breaks everything down so simply and makes it easy to take action.
Susie Parker 
​ –

Ready to create  your own site?

Creating your own website with WordPress doesn’t have to be scary. With CoachSites you get all the power that WordPress has to offer without any of the headache. We make that learning curve so much easier. We’d love to help you launch your business with a website that works for you. 

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